Faithful Friar’s Report

Fr. Malloy Assembly 1894My Brother Sir Knights,

I discussed in the last newsletter how each month is dedicated

to a particular aspect of our Faith. Most of us probably knew

that May is Mary’s month. June is dedicated to the Sacred

Heart of Jesus.

When Jesus was revealing some of the aspects of this devotion

to Sister Mary Alocoque, she didn’t think she was worthy to

receive such a private revelation. She doubted their

authenticity. She thought she was going crazy. So she went

and told her confessor what she was experiencing. He tended

to share Sister Mary’s doubts. However, he devised a plan to

“test” this vision. The saintly priest said, “Next time you see

this figure, ask him to tell you what I said in my last confession.

IF it is Jesus, then only He would know. If it is in your head or

the devil, then they will make something up.” She agreed.

The next time she received a vision, she asked the figure to

divulge the Priest’s past confessed sins. Jesus looked at her and

simply said, “I don’t remember.” Sister went to re port this

encounter to the Priest and his face fell. Of course! Why would

he think that Jesus remembers his confessed sins? They are cast

into the depths of the sea. They are wiped clean as if in a second

baptism. This is how God deals with us. This June, let us fly

to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is made present to us through

the Sacrament of Confession.


SK Rev. David A. Dufresne

Faithful Friar

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