Join Us

Fr. Malloy Assembly 1894All current Third Degree Knights of Columbus are encouraged to join us in the Patriotic degree of our Order. To become a 4 th Degree here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Please contact our Faithful Admiral, SK David J. Todd, Jr., PFN, at .
  2. You will need a Form 4 that is filled out and includes the signature of the Financial Secretary from your council. If you have a sponsor please have them sign it as well. If you do not have a sponsor then one of our officers will be more than happy to sponsor.
  3. You will then be interviewed by our officers on a designated date/time.
  4. You will then need to obtain your apparel from either The English Company or Lynch &  Kelly to complete your 4th Degree. (Discounted tuxedos can be purchased locally at K& G Fashion Superstore, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA)
  5. Your final step will be to attend and complete the 4th Degree Exemplification. These are held at different times during the year usually in the spring and fall at one of the churches or facilities in the Central, Hampton Roads, or Northern Virginia areas. (We recommend highly you purchase the sword package because of our New Sir Knight Standard Sword Purchase Redemption)
  6. Becoming a Sir Knight, you can attend our next monthly business meeting to receive your certificate and official Assembly welcome.
  7. Fr. Malloy Assembly 1894At this time we hope you will complete your 4th Degree Regalia by purchasing a full Regalia package, comprised of: Black Chapeau with a plume of White with a Fourth Degree emblem on the right side, Chapeau Carrying Case, Personalized Plate for Carrying Case, Chapeau Rain Cover, Black Cape with red lining with a Fourth Degree emblem patch on the left shoulder, Cape Garment Bag, Sword, Sword Case, Personalized Plate for Sword Case, Service Baldric, and White Gloves, from the links above. Remember to get your discounted tuxedo. It is required and not included with your purchased Full Regalia Package. Now you are also equipped for Color Corps Training, after your Patriotic Degree Exemplification.

Next Exemplification –  Fall, 2017