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Slate of Officers for the upcoming 2015-2016 Fraternal Year.

May 07, 2015

Presented below is the Slate of Officers for the upcoming 2015-2016 Fraternal Year.


For the Office of:

                  Faithful Navigator                SK Alphonse J. Obuchowski

                  Faithful Captain                   SK Johnny D. Restivo

                  Faithful Pilot                         SK Matthew T. West

                  Faithful Comptroller             SK & PFN William W. Weich

                  Faithful Scribe                      SK Francis R. “Randy” Bordelon

                  Faithful Purser                      SK Paul F. Cataldo

                  Faithful Inner Sentinel          SK Cesar A. Anchiraico

                  Faithful Outer Sentinels       SK Jose R. Olivero

                                                               SK S. Michael Pollak

                  Faithful Admiral                    SK Daniel J. Turgeon

                  Faithful 3-Year Trustee         SK & PFN Gerard S. Rutkowski


The Nominating Committee recognizes that none of us are Divine, nor have any of us been given the keys to heaven and earth… we therefore acknowledge that none of us are perfect or infallible.  As such, while we feel this slate will best serve the Assembly in the upcoming Fraternal Year, we understand that others may feel differently.  Therefore, nominations from the floor at the time of the Elections on May 20th are not only permitted but welcomed!  We do kindly request, however, that if anyone seeks nomination or intends to nominate someone from the floor, that they discuss this with a member of the Nominating Committee prior to May 20th.  This will allow us to assist them in making the nomination in the correct fashion, and further allow us to notify the necessary parties to ensure that they are properly prepared for the balloting process.


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